Maestro belt system

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The Maestro belt system is the perfect carrying solution for the TriLens lens holder. Use the belt on it’s own for a sturdy belt with seamless length adjustment or together with the waist padding for extra comfort. The padded shoulder strap adds relief when carrying heavier lens setups ( It’s a game changer! ). The nylon belt has a standard width of 40 mm so you can carry a variety of other accessories. TriLens is not included



+ Maestro Belt

+ Maestro Waist padding

+ Maestro Cross strap


+ Standard 40 mm belt. Can be used with a variety of other accessories.

+ Sturdy alloy clasp with seamless adjustability.

+ Low weight waist padding for extra comfort.

+ Perfect when wearing dresses or pants without belt loops

+ Padded cross strap for ergonomic weight distribution for use with heaver lens setups.

+ 230 g | 0.5 Lbs

+ 3 Year warranty

+ Black 

+ Models are wearing: Male – M / Women – S 


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