Shipping and handling

S H I P P I N G   A N D   H A N D L I N G


1. Shipping cost

Frii Designs offers free worldwide shipping on all orders with a value over a certain amount (se table below). 

Free shipping threshold
¥12 000
900 SEK

2. VAT, Duty and import taxes

Frii Designs follows international export/import laws. USA, Australia and all countries within the EU are guaranteed to be duty and tax free. If the value for your order is over the import thresholds in the table below, the shipping company may charge an additional import fee for your delivery.

VAT and Duty Threshold
United Kingdom£135
Japan¥10 000

3. Delivery time

All orders are shipped from our warehouse within 48 hours if the products are in stock. If the products are out of stock the order will ship within 48 hours of resupply. All orders have the option to either be shipped with Deutsche post or DHL Express and both options are traceable throughout the journey. Orders shipped with Deutsche post will be handled and traceable with your local postal service once they enter your country. Once your order has been shipped you will get an email containing your tracking information.

DHL Express

CountryDelivery time (days)
Hong Kong2
South Korea2-3

Deutsche post

CountryTransit time**
Sweden1-2 days
Europe4-8 days
North America5-10 days
Rest of the world7-14 days


* Due to regulations DHL Express can't ship to private individuals in Russia. All orders to Russia will be handled by Deutsche post. Se below for more information

** Delivery times for Deutsche post are border to border. This means the time from shipping from our warehouse to arrival at the border of your country. Please allow a few days for the package to clear customs and complete domestic delivery.

4. Packaging

Unless specified otherwise, the products ordered from our web shop are delivered in bulk packaging. Retail packaging may not be available for some of our products.

5. Unclaimed packages and return fees

Depending on the return reason, we may or may not charge you with re-shipping cost if you would like us to replace your parcel. 

The following return reasons require reshipping fee (if you would like us to resend your parcel):

  1. Unknown reason/Refused or Rejected - customs tax, import tax or extra fees not settled by recipient; 
  2. Insufficient/ Incorrect address - recipient incorrectly input a wrong address;
  3. Unclaimed - Parcels left in local customs and post office and was not claim during the allotted time. 

6. Lost Parcels

We do not consider a parcel lost until after we have filed a missing parcel report with our carrier, Deutsche post or DHL. We can do this after 45 days. However this is not common. Once we have filed a missing parcel report and we have a response (no later than 60 days) from your countries postal authority, we can then replace your parcel. We will confirm with you on your address during this process. We do not refund or replace parcels that did not arrive because they were not picked up in time or sent back to us and lost in transit or have the incorrect address.