2020-11-05 | Now live on Kickstarter!

Pre-orders are opened and the campaign for the Conda strap is now live on Kickstarter! Secure your early bird using the link below and let's get this bad boy into production! Can't wait to see what you'll create with the Conda strap.



2020-11-05 | Introducing the Conda Strap™!

Imagine always having your tripod, without actually having to bring your tripod. For the past three years we've been working on making this a reality and we're incredibly excited to finally introduce you to the Conda strap!



Part camera strap. Part tripod

The Conda strap is part camera strap, part tripod and goes from loose to stiff with the switch of a lever. By flipping the switch you can form it into virtually any shape and support the camera in any orientation imaginable, making it the ideal traveling companion.



Launching on Kickstarter

We had a great experience with Kickstarter last time, and just like the TriLens the Conda strap will be available to pre-order on Kickstarter for an amazing one-time offer! The Kickstarter campaign for the Conda strap will go live at 5 PM GMT the 12th of November, in no less than 7 days! Make sure to add a reminder so you won't miss out on the best deals!

The price will be revealed to our newsletter subscribers in a few days, so stay tuned! Check out the launch video by clicking the button below and share it with your friends!

2019-12-17 | Introducing the TriLens™ with Fuji X mount!

Today we're releasing a limited number of TriLens™ with the Fuji X mount on our web shop!


It's been a long process with lots of testing and tours back and forth to the factory making sure the mount will meet the tolerances, surface finish and have the right pre-load in the springs. We really wanted to be able to ship these before Christmas so we had to keep this batch limited to a smaller number. So make sure to pick up yours before we sell out. Free express shipping worldwide on our web shop. Link below!

2019-10-28 | Introducing the Maestro belt system!

We're very happy to introduce the new Maestro belt system! We've been gathering feedback for a long time and the Maestro is the result from a collaborative effort between Frii and the people out there using the TriLens™. If you're shooting long days, wearing a heavy lens setup or a lot of other gear then the Maestro will make your life a whole lot easier. The complete kit includes,

+ Maestro Belt

+ Maestro Waist padding

+ Maestro Cross strap


And this can be mixed and matched to fit your needs. For example, if you're wearing a light setup you might want to go without the cross strap for a sleeker look etc ( although it's a game changer for heavy setups! ). The belt is a standard width 40 mm nylon belt, so you will be able to carry pretty much any camera accessory out there. We opted for an alloy clasp with a seamless length adjustment so you can get it just the way you want it. We've especially been getting a lot of feedback from women who want to be have something to go with their dresses and we're really happy we finally have something for you.


The Maestro is shipping from today ( free shipping! ) and is available in our shop, link below.


2019-08-23 | New office and factory tour!

We recently moved in to our new space and decided to give a tour to give you an insight of what we do on a daily basis. A lot of things have happened since we first started and there's plenty of more to come!




2017-10-17 | Pre-orders are open!




2017-08-08 | Worldwide launch!

We are live!! Click the button below to get to the campaign and secure your copy of the TriLens



2017-08-05 | Prices and estimated shipping dates for the worldwide campaign


On Tuesday at 11 AM PDT we are going live with our second campaign on Kickstarter. This means a couple of things:

Same great offers! But the rewards will be limited
As promised we will offer the TriLens for the same prices as the last campaign, but this time we had to limit most of the rewards. We take deadlines seriously and do not want to risk any delays by taking in too many orders. By pre-ordering the TriLens on Kickstarter you will save 46-25% on the price and up to 60 days on delivery, just like the last campaign.

Shipping to the US will be available this time. And since the US was the only country excluded from the last campaign we are reserving the 200 early birds exclusively for US shipping.

The rest of the world will have a unique, second chance of getting the TriLens this time around. We will offer worldwide shipping on most of the rewards which means anyone, anywhere will be able to place a pre-order of the TriLens for a really good introduction offer.

Below you'll find a list(click to enlarge) of the prices, as well as the estimated shipping dates. Last time the early birds disappeared within five minutes so we suggest you set your alarm for Tuesday, August the 8th, 11 AM PDT.

2017-08-02 | New worldwide campaing, including the US!


We have resolved all the issues with the U.S. and are very happy to announce that we will launch a new, completely worldwide Kickstarter campaign in just 6 days! The campaign will be open worldwide but since the United States is the only country that have been unable to pre-order the TriLens until now we are going to reserve 200 new early birds exclusively for the U.S. There will be more amazing rewards available for worldwide shipping so if you missed the last campaign this is your chance to get the TriLens for a really good offer.

Tuesday, 11 AM PDT, the 8th of August we will launch the new campaign and to make things easy we've added a countdown to our website.

During the last campaign we received a ton of emails from disappointed Americans so we are VERY glad that we finally will be able to ship the TriLens worldwide and give everyone a chance to get the TriLens for the Kickstarter offers. So set your alarms for Tuesday, 11 AM PDT. More information about the rewards and estimated shipping dates will be sent out to our newsletter subscribers a couple of days before we launch.


2017-06-08 | 261% funded!

The campaign has come to an end. 1 218 backers. 1 307 905 SEK. 20 000 000+ video views. 100+ articles and thousands of emails. We are humbled by the support and amazing feedback from the community. Thank you.

Frii Designs was founded by a small team of engineers, designers and photographers and our ambition has always been to create the best possible product and the rest will follow. We have our supporters to thank for all the great feedback and exposure and we can't tell you how excited we are for the next phase. Now it's time to start the production and get the TriLens to our backers.

We still don’t have a definite date for the US launch but it’s looking promising, hopefully within a few weeks. We stand by our promise to give our early American adopters a good introduction offer as well so don't worry. In order to be notified when we launch to the US you can subscribe to our newsletter here




2017-06-05 | 72 hours left of the campaign


The last week has been crazy. We've had over 10 million video views and been featured in Tech Insider, UNILAD Tech, Smart is the New Sexy and a bunch of other cool sites. We think it's safe to say the were not the only ones who think the TriLens a great solution to a frustrating problem.

We have less than 72 hours left of the campaign so there's still a few hours to score your TriLens for the limited Kickstarter offers. For all of you who already have pledged, a sincere thank you and congratulations!

We are making progress in the US. And as we mentioned before, our early American adopters will also have a chance at scoring the TriLens for a great introduction offer. We hope to have a definite date and information regarding this within a week or two. Stay subscribed and follow our social media and you won't miss it.


2017-05-27 | New early birds for Germany, Japan and Korea added!


Happy days! We just added 25 new "Limited Super Early Bird - DE, KR, JP" for 650 SEK and 75 new "Limited Early Bird - DE, KR, JP" for 750 SEK exclusively with German, Japanese and Korean shipping options. We also added these countries as a shipping option to the remaining rewards. Secure your set before they're sold out in the rewards section. We're doing our best with the US and hope to ship to you guys soon!


2017-05-26 | 100 new early birds and more shipping destinations



Starting tomorrow we will add shipping options for Japan, Germany and Korea to all of the rewards! The early birds disappeared within the first minutes last time so to make things fair we are releasing 100 new early birds exclusively for Japan, Germany and Korea.

This Saturday, 11 AM GMT, the 27th of May we will release 25 new "SUPER EARLY BIRD" and 75 new "EARLY BIRD" exclusively with German, Japanese and Korean shipping options. We will also add these countries as a shipping option to the remaining rewards. Remember that we had to limit the remaining rewards in order to comply with our estimated shipping dates, so they might disappear quickly as well. The limited rewards will ship in September/October, while the unlimited will ship in November.


Regarding the US

We have some work to do before we can ship to the US but we assure you that you are going to have the same chance at scoring the Kickstarter deals when we get there. It's been heartbreaking to say no to excited backers over and over again, but it's also because of your enthusiasm we've been able to pull this off so far. So be patient and stay subscribed and we will keep you up to date.

As for our supporters in Germany, Japan and Korea. Set your alarms for Saturday, 11 AM GMT, we've added a countdown to our site just in case you'd get lost!


Launch for Germany, Japan and Korea.

GMT - 11:00 | 11 AM

Berlin - 13:00 | 1 PM

Tokyo - 20:00 | 8 PM

Seoul  - 20:00 | 8 PM


2017-05-16 | Updated rewards!


Thanks to our 602 amazing backers we are now 129% funded(Yay!). With regards to the increase in demands and promised shipping dates we had to limit some of the rewards. From now on the "KICKSTARTER DEAL", "DOUBLE DEAL" and "BUNDLE OF 10" have a limited number of backers to make sure we will deliver the TriLens on time. When they run out there's a new, unlimited reward that ships later this year, "NOVEMBER DEAL" for 100 USD (22% of MSRP).

So to get the TriLens as soon as possible and for the best deal, be sure to secure the limited offers before they run out.

As for our friends in the U.S, Germany, Korea and Japan. We are close to a solution and when we start shipping to your area we will make sure you'll get the same chance at scoring a great offer. We will keep you up to date when we have new information, it looks promising.


2017-05-07 | Updates on shipping for the Kickstarter campaign



We know we said worldwide shipping but unfortunately not for the Kickstarter campaign. And we want to have full transparency with you on why we changed our mind.

Before we even started to design the TriLens our patent attorneys did a so called FTO, freedom to operate search to make sure there wouldn't be any legal issues. There's been a patent that we've been aware of since day one and our attorneys have analyzed it thoroughly and they gave us the green light. Unfortunately we've been confronted with some unexpected resistance on this matter and now is not the time to start a war, our full focus is to get the TriLens into production and into the hands of our backers as soon as possible.

So for the Kickstarter we choose to only ship to those countries that we are 100% certain there aren't any legal obstacles. This unfortunately excludes the US, Japan, Korea and Germany. We will still ship to the rest of the world. We have one of Europe's largest IP-firms behind us and our attorneys are building the case as we speak so we are hoping to ship worldwide soon. But for the Kickstarter we are not willing to risk the money of our backers. They are meant to start the production.

We will give you updates on this matter as soon as we have new information, so stay tuned and we hope to resolve this as soon as possible.

For the rest of the world we have some good news. We have negotiated with our logistics partners and will be able to offer a reliable shipping option (4-8 days worldwide) for 225 SEK, that's approximately 25 USD no matter where you live. For our friends in Sweden the shipping will be 89 SEK and take 1-2 business days.


2017-05-05 | Why is the Trilens launching on Kickstarter?


Manufacturing the TriLens is a big investment, and rather than getting the funding from venture capitalists and banks we decided we wanted the photography community to Kickstart the production. This means that we can manufacture the TriLens the way it was intended, using our local suppliers in Sweden and focusing on reliability rather than low cost.

That's why we're launching the TriLens on Kickstarter, the largest platform for crowdfunding. When we launch the campaign you will have the chance to pre-order the TriLens for a really good deal and since we don't have to pay off any money people, the funding goes straight into the production. And if we don't reach our goal, you'll get your money back.

the 9th of May - 6pm GMT we will launch our Kickstarter campaign and it will be possible to place your pre-orders. In order to get the best deal possible and be included in the first shipments you have to be quick. So make sure you have your alarm set, we will do our best to keep you notified.

For those of you who already have a Kickstarter account can follow our profile here. By following us you'll be notified by Kickstarter as well when we launch the campaign.



2017-05-03 | The price of the TriLens has been announced!

We know you've been waiting. Thanks to your awesome support we are proud to say that we will manage to keep the production within Sweden while maintaining a really good offer. The 50 first backers on Kickstarter will get the TriLens for only 650 SEK, that's 75 USD and a saving of 42% from the retail price(129 USD). The rest of our backers will get an awesome deal as well, 85 USD for the next 150 backers and 95 USD for the remaining supporters. Thank you for your patience, please share the campaign and make sure you're ready when we launch in just 6 days!



2017-04-27 | How will the TriLens handle a back flip?

Here's our founder Jonas Lundin with a $1300 Tamron 24-70 mm, a Canon 50 mm and a magnetic cap attached to his TriLens


2017-04-24 | We added an F.A.Q

We are speechless. our Facebook video got over 18k shares and more than 6.6 million views in just four days. Huge thank you from everyone at Frii Designs. We have received a lot of questions about the TriLens and we posted an FAQ here on our website, check it out!

Talk to you soon!